lundi, mai 28

#23 Pretty Doll in Lace.

I love lace. Any girl just has to love lace. It's so pretty, feminine and cute! ♥ And summer is the perfect time to wear it, because it's light, and it just looks summer-y. :) I would love a pair of lace socks and a pair of derbies to go with them. Haha

2 commentaires:

  1. I love lace, I got a really cute straw boater with lace trim. Yesterday my mum came home with one just like mine! It was so funny!

    What a co-in-ci-dinc (coincidence, haha)that we are both into the same things: egyptians, lace, B&W pictures. I'm currently trying to persuade my parents to make a detour through Paris on the way back from Limousin when we go to France so I can visit the gardens. Shame you couldn't walk around them when you went.



  2. i totally agree!! i love lace too!! also, thanks for your lovely comment!