samedi, avril 28

#14 Country-style.

I live in the countryside. Cows, mud, wild animals... And no one about especially. So why dress up classy, pretty, and fancy for that? Well that doesn't stop me from doing it. ;) I often go out into town, where I am in my best outfits, and I do the same in the countryside. People think countryside fashion is cute and fresh looking, and it is, but you wouldn't wear it actually in the countryside. In the country, you don't really see people walking about in checked/flowery dungarees or overalls. You wouldn't see people in fancy and very pretty detailed wellies. Anyway you get what I mean. I just wanted to give a prespective to the "town people" of what kind of fashion it really is in the country.BUT don't get me wrong, I heart that style. ;)

So ... don't wear your best clothes if you ever go out into the countryside. :) Just saying. 

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  1. Another nice post!! and will definitely keep that in mind if i ever go into the countryside. By the way, thanks for the comment and you can follow Posh Culture on blogger too, the follow button is at the end of the home page