jeudi, février 9

#3 A lttle bow obsession ... 

Right now, I have an obsession with bows :) They're so lovely, and the bring style to a plain simple dress. Bow head bands are cute, especially an oversized one. Bow ties are cute too, and very classy with a , can I say, touch of humour.
I also have a big crush on bow rings. They are sooo pretty and girly. ♥

Camille Co is wearing her own made oversized bow headband, you can find them in her boutique at Coexist, or on Facebook Coexist, or even check out her great style on Lookbook! She is one talented designer who definitely knows how to dress.

Here I have researched cute bow jewelry, bags and tops. Actually, the cutest thing you can get with a bow is in my opinion, jewelry. It can add a feminine touch to a very simple outfit, and like with the River Island necklace here, it would look amazing on a white blouse or shirt. I advise you to go on the ring section on Forever 21 they have great bow rings for very small prices.

I found the light pink top with the sparkly bow on Polyvore and saved it, though I forgot to right down the shop reference and after that, couldn't find the top again. You can search it online though if you want.

As for the bags, there are loads of bags with bows out there, so I don't think you will have a hard time searching for your perfect one. I love the Harrod's clutch/purse above, the light grey is so chic. I also fell in love with the pink Valentino bag although Valentino is definitely not in my budget for me unfortunately.

Happy Easter to you all , by the way!

EmilieH xoxo

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  1. I love the bow headband!!! Think you could take a look at my blog sometime I'm getting a post ready about jewelry and I was wondering if you could mention something about it on your blog.