dimanche, janvier 1

#2 Birds.

This Spring/Summer is the perfect time to wear birds in all different shapes, sizes, and colours, as the trend this year tells us. Lots of designers have used swans, parrots, pheasants and humming birds as the spotlight animal.

I found some pretty good stuff (thanks to Polyvore) and I see that Asos is in with the bird trend this year ! I love the Vintage watch, and not only does it go with the bird trend, but the colours are also pastel, which is another huge trend this year.

The Marc by Marc jacobs bag is another must-have for me, and the Ed Hardy black heels are really pretty (and go with the bag!).

Plus, this trend can be used under lots of differents styles : small undetailed birds like the Asos rucksack make a classy look ; big multicolor birds are fantasy ; detailed birds can be an elegant look ; and simple coloured birds can make a minimal casual look.

I wouldn't wear other prints with this though, if there are lots of birds on the item just a colour pastel or bright that is in the style of the bird item. :)

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  1. Hey Emilie! Love this post, adore the Asos backpack!

    Happy New Year by the way :)



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