jeudi, mai 24

#22 Make-up & Nail Varnish : Bright colours

I love wearing and trying out new nail varnishes, especially colourful laquer. Like orange, yellow, lime green, neon pink, turquoise... I also like make up, although I don't wear much except from mascara, eyeliner and a bit of foundation.
I use more like beauty products like facial cream and all sorts of healthy stuff that will make me skin a lot softer and  radiant.

Anyway, in my first make-up post, I want to introduce bright colours. It's very "in" right now, and I love it. In fashion magazines, like Vogue and l'Officiel, you see pages of bright things. In examples, you see the summer 2011 fashion show from Dior , where bright make up and varnish are welcomed. :

 Anyway, on my bright colour wish list, there are these :

he Dior and Chanel ones actually are quite expensive, about 20£ for a bottle.

Now to the make up. I think several shades on one eye looks great. Not too many though, two to three, no more, otherwise it just looks like you're going to a carnival. ^^' Different shades of one colour lookes good, but various, completely different colours look cool too.

TIP: If you are going to go for a several eyeshadows look of different colours, wear one colour on most of the eye and just above, do a different colour which is less bright that the main one. 

 The Maybelline Bright Side pallettes are perfect for this summer, lively and well, bright.
The Great Lash macara is great, I purchased it the other day, and it definitely works.

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