jeudi, mai 24

#21 Cute Sweaters

Cute Sweaters

Cotton t shirt
$80 -

Shirt top
€54 -

H m cardigan
£13 -

Old navy sweater
$35 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs knit sweater
£130 -

Camisole top
$40 -

Knit cardigan
$109 -

2 commentaires:

  1. I LOVE a good chunky knit! I have more than I need in my wardrobe aha!

    Thanks for commenting and following lovely :)


  2. Im so glad you made this list of cute sweaters, I've been looking for a cream one to go with some powder pink Isabel Marant style shorts!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, hopefully we can make it to Paris on the way back from Limousin. :) Your French I believe?? xxx