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#1 One week in Paris : My day in the Champs Elysées

                         I'm back from my week in Paris, which was great great great! The first two days, Monday and Tuesday we stayed in because my friend's mum was working, then Wednesday we went to this huuuge shopping mall, where I bought a black blazer (outfit post soon!) from H&M (okay I could have been a bit more original with the shop..) and a book on fashion drawing, which is really inspirational and helping me a lot with researching ideas for drawing.
                         The next day, on Thursday, we went to.... The Avenue des Champs Elysées! We took the RER right up to the Champs which took us about half an hour (getting off and on the train) and when I came out I was already in the clouds ♥ The Arc de Triomphe is bigger than I thought, it's huge!!

The first shop was Lancel. We went in to look around and OMG, was it beautiful?! The bags are out of this world, all different shapes, sizes and materials.. There was this massive crystal chandelier hanging from the 5 meter ceiling and the bags were lit up in their seperate box... ♥

Lancel *-*

Well I could describe the whole day but it would be boring, instead here are all the pictures ♥

That was my day in Paris, admire the photos! Hehee :D

Emilie xoxo

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